Penetration Sealing and Fire Stopping Inspection

What is penetration sealing and fire stopping?


Once a compartment has been breached by any type of service, penetration sealing and fire stopping are the methods with which the breach can be sealed to reinstate the integrity and compartmentation, therefore limiting the likelihood of fire and smoke spread throughout a building.

Within Approved Document B, if an element that is intended to provide separation, and therefore has fire resistance in terms of Integrity and Insulation, is to be effective, then every joint, imperfection of fit or opening to allow services to pass through the element, should be adequately protected by either sealing or fire stopping, so that the fire resistance of the element is not impaired. Openings should be kept to as few as possible and as small as practicable, and they should be fire-stopped. In the case of pipe or duct, it should allow thermal movement.

Why are penetration sealing and fire stopping important?


Penetration sealing and fire stopping are pivotal in the restriction of spread of smoke and flames in a building, returning compartmentation to its original integrity.

What is covered in our penetration sealing and fire stopping inspections?


During a penetration sealing system and fire stopping inspection our technicians inspect the systems which include:

Coated mineral / rock wool batts

Mortar compound seals

Pillows and bags

Pipe collars, pipe sleeves and pipe wraps

Intumescent mastic / sealant

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