Clerk of Works



Our Clerk of Works Service


We operate in a Clerk of Works capacity with housing associations across their portfolio of properties and construction companies on new developments. Working closely with clients and site management teams, we ensure schemes are delivered safely and to a high standard.

We offer independent inspections and guidance to our clients, these services include:

Site management meeting attendance

Regular periodic inspections as agreed with the client at all key stages throughout the construction phases.

Identify, record and report on the quality of installations and remedial works

Written reports with photographic evidence and recommendations where required

Recommendations about any aspects of works that do not conform to plans, specifications or schedules

Ensure works are performed satisfactorily and projects stay within agreed costs

Familiarity of the project, scope and works being carried out

Monitoring of fire safety works across multiple sites

Regular updates to clients at a frequency agreed

We represent the interests of our clients to ensure that all works are being carried out in accordance with stipulated specifications and to our clients high standards.

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